Mr. Nota was born in a Panama neighborhood called Pueblo Nuevo Calle 8. By the young age of nine he was already composing songs and performing them at church. By the time he had reached his teens he had caught the ear of producer Denny Serrano and they worked together composing songs, writing lyrics and creating harmonies for many other artists. Over time his passion slightly changed to sports and was separated from creating music for a short period of time.

At 23 years old he moved to the United States—Portland, Oregon—where he got the passion to get back into creating music. Shortly after moving to Portland, he met a Guatemalan, Rony, and a Cuban, Edilandy, and formed a group named Sharp Estilo; that is where Mr. Nota was born.

"Erilandy always told me that it's easy for me to adapt to any note." After doing many shows in the Pacific Northwest Mr. Nota has paid his dues, climbed the ranks and has quickly become a rising star in the Urban Fusion scene. He has opened for the Fulanitos, Tito el Bambino, Angel y Kris, Don Omar, Gilberto Santarosa and lots of other artists. He has also worked with Sheena G, Blaxicano, Erilandy, Jekman d doses, Temperamento, Denny Serrano, Joel, Yadiel, Sleepy B, Black Royal, La Fortuna Intertainment, Alexis and Landy voice and many more.

"LIKE A LION"...."YOU DON'T KNOW"...........20 FOUR 7 MUSIC


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